Must have Kitchen Utensils for a Home Cook

Must have Kitchen Utensils for a Home Cook

Must have Kitchen Utensils for a Home Cook

I have been cooking alone at home for almost 10 years now. I love cooking and always have for as long as I can remember. It began with me sitting on the washing machine in my mothers kitchen peeling maggi and garlic at the age of 5. Since then I have never looked back, only forward, making every effort to learn more about food and cooking and take my skills to the next level.

Cooking is actually a lot easier than many people think. If you are passionate about food and have patience you are well on the way to becoming a great cook.

My top tip to make cooking at home a breeze is to have these essential kitchen utensils to help you achieve great results every time!

30. Knife Sharpener

Last on my list is a knife sharpener this is an important bit of kit if you have quality knifes you need to keep sharp for all the kitchen fun.

It’s definitely worth the investment and doesn’t have to break the bank. I use this

I also have heard good things about the Ninja Foodi Stay Sharp 5 Piece set!

29. Sheet Pan

A sheet pan is a super valuable kitchen tool to have. Its the best if you want to make quick and easy sheet pan dinners. think roast chicken and potatoes or baked fish and roasted veggies!

Be sure to get one that fits in your oven and is the right size for you and your family.

28. Sauce Pans

Saucepans are essential for boiling pasta, potatoes and making rice. They can also be used to reheat and make sauces. If you love entertaining you’ll want a set of these for preparing multiple side dishes and sauces for the perfect dinner party.

I would go for stainless steel or a non toxic non stick set that will last you a good decade.

If you’ve got the budget for it i would check out Hexclad next generation non toxic pots and pans!

27. Pasta Pot

One of my all time kitchen faves is my trusty Ikea pasta pot. Its quite deep and has a lid with holes in it like a colander. This makes it the ideal pot to boil pasta or potatoes! All you have to do is lock the lid on and turn it upside down in the sink.

I love it because its quick easy and means less things for me to wash up!

You can find the Ikea one here!

26. Lidded Pyrex

I love the pyrex brand and have several of their glass oven wear. Its perfect for casseroles, pasta bakes and roasted meat and fish. It retains heat well and you can see what your food is doing. A big plus is, it doesn’t make bad serve wear either!

A lidded pyrex also allows you to marinate your meat or fish in the same container you wish to bake it in.

Try this great set!

25. Whisk

Every kitchen should have a whisk its a great tool to have on hand. Whether its whisking eggs of the batter for a yummy cake it speeds up your prep time and gets the job done faster than a fork.

Be sure to get a good quality metal whisk with a metal handle, it will last longer.

24. Salad Spinner

This piece of kit had to make the cut! Don’t you just hate washing and prepping salad? Its a dream with a salad spinner. All you need to do is wash your leaves throw them in the spinner and spin! Thats it its so simple quick, easy and efficient.

Bone dry salad leaves in seconds! The OXO one is a cult favourite but will set you back a pretty penny. There are lots of more affordable options on the market that work just as well.

23. Colander

This item needs no dramatic introduction. I think its safe to say it deserves a place in every kitchen. Its for washing vegetables, draining vegetables or even potatoes. I have a metal one like this and also a contractable plastic one which is great for pasta.

slotted spoons

22. Slotted Spoon

Slotted spoon you say and why might that be? Its a must have for fishing out meat or veg you are pre cooking and removing from the pan. If you are frying meat or some yummy Sweet Plantains you’ll need a slotted spoon to remove the food from the oil quickly and efficiently without taking oil with it. An easily found utensil at any home-wear/kitchen store.

21. Kitchen Shears/Scissors

You need a dedicated pair of scissors in your kitchen they are useful in all scenarios. Not a day goes by that I dont use my kitchen scissors. I cut herbs with them, I cut deli meats with them. They are great for cutting up chicken and even other meats raw or cooked.

20. Mixing Bowls

I love my stainless steel and glass mixing bowls. Perfect for baking, making sandwich fillers, marinades, food prep, pancake batter and anything you want really.

i definitely suggest stainless steel or glass and not plastic. plastic does not last and get discoloured quickly and is a nightmare to clean if you put something oily inside.

Check out these glass ones with lids or without lids!

or these shiny stainless steel ones!

19. Sieve

Now hear me out before you say isn’t a sieve just the same as a colander. No it is most certainly not! A sieve is always made of metal mesh and the holes are much smaller than a colander. It is what should be used to clean certain rice so the grains don’t fall through the holes. You use it to sieve unwanted bits from soups, sauces and stocks.

I recommend a pack like this with 3 different sizes for all your sieving needs!

18. Microplane

A great gadget for finely grating things like citrus zest, garlic, ginger, chocolate and other fancy topping and garnish for your dishes.

I have this one recommended to me by my chef friend.

17. Coffee Grinder

I only bought one of these in the past couple of years. I dont know how I didn’t have one before. Its a great gadget if you love cooking with fresh spices or ingredients like nuts. You can save money buying the whole ingredients and grind fresh at home yourself!

16. Potato Mincer

If you love silky smooth mashed potatoes you need this bit of kit in your life. Its like a giant garlic press but for potatoes. Yep, totally genius and produces brilliant results.

Check out my Pomme Puree recipe here for how to make the creamiest mash using this kitchen tool.

I have had my ikea press for almost 10 years and its still going strong.

15. Funnel

I am a costco fan and so I buy a lot of things in bulk. Some of those things are oil. I have two funnels that help me transfer oil from large containers into the cute kitchen containers I use for cooking.

They also come in handy for my Homemade Stock, a funnel is necessary to transfer the liquid gold into the bottles for storing.

I recommend metal funnels for hygiene and an easier clean.

14. Box Grater

The old school classic cheese grater. 4 different sides with different grating styles for all your cheese dreams! You can also use it to grate lots of other things like chocolate and veggies. Just watch out not to cut your fingers!

13. Splash Guard

I love me some homemade fast fried food! If you want to save yourself a massive cleanup when you are making fried food then be sure to have a couple of splash guards in your kitchen to cover the oil and protect your kitchen from oil splashes!

12. Measuring Spoons and Cups

If you follow a lot of recipes then you should definetly have a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons in your kithchen. To accurately recreate a recipe you need to follow the recipe to a tea. Using measuring equipment will help you to do this. They are also very helpful when you are creating your own recipe that you want to pass on to others.

I love my Oxo mini measuring cup

I also use collapsable silicone measuring cups, I got these from homesense; and

Metal measuring spoons are best for measuring spices.

11. Mandolin

Don’t be scared of this fabulous kitchen tool. The perfect tool for slicing wafer thin slices of potato, cucumber you name it.

This is a must have for indulgent recipes like Dauphinois Potatoes; and many delicious salads.

10. Vegetable Peeler

I cant live without my favourite vegetable peeler and if my husband is helping out with peeling, he better choose one of the other 2 we have as I just hate to go without it.

Peelers are much safer than a knife and I think faster too. Buy both types and see which one you prefer. Plus you’ll have an extra one for when you have a helper in the kitchen!

9. Vegetable Chopper

This invention has been a serious game changer in my kitchen. If you hate chopping multiple vegetables all in different sizes this is the gadget for you!

Right now I have this one and it is holding up well after the last 2 broke!

8. Thermometer

Before starting this blog I didn’t have a thermometer. my mother taught me how to cook and taught me other ways to know if something is cooked.

Using a thermometer is much more precise and essential when cooking for large groups or unfamiliar cuts of meat.

I love my therm pro quick read thermometer.

7. Tongs

Kitchen tongs had to make the top 10. I use them practically every time I cook. The perfect tool for turning over a multitude of ingredients. Mix your pasta with them, sear the fat cap of your steak with them. Just get you some kitchen tongs!

Mine are actually a multipack from Costco. But I also have and recommend the thin metal chef tongs.

6. Silicone Spatula and Brush

Recently at a dinner party a friend said once you’ve used a silicone spatula to scrape down the sides of a pot to get every last bit out onto your plate you just cant turn back! Not only did it make me laugh it was 100% true. Every time I am serving up my food I use my trusty spatula to get every last drop of sauce onto the plate or dish!

I have several spatulas but my favourite are actually super cheap from Ikea and I have had some of them for nearly 8 years!

A silicone brush is also a must for basting meat and fish with marinade, butter or honey when baking or even better barbecuing! Again mine is £1.99 from Ikea and is still going strong 5 years later.

5. Garlic Presse

I hesitated a lot about the position of this tool as it is my all time favourite. I use it every single day, as practically everything I cook has garlic in it. It’s quick easy and efficient. Its the perfect garlic pressing machine and I have had this exact mincer, from you guessed it Ikea since 2013! I have owned 2 others since then that both broke after not even a year of use. Yet my trusty Ikea mincer is still going strong a decade on!

Shout out Ikea for having a pretty reliable stock of kitchen tools and affordable prices!

4. Sharp Chefs Knife

Without a sharp knife you are not going to enjoy cooking much and you will more than likely hurt yourself. Haven’t you heard blunt knives kill! Seriously, having sharp knives is a must for any cook and guarantees a more enjoyable cooking experience.

If you have a large budget go for a set of Japanese cooking knives. Most of these knives are handmade and the quality is undefeated.

For a smaller budget the Ninja Knife Set is worth every cent.

You can also trust brands like Sabatier, Global, Cusinart and Zwilling.

3. Cast Iron Pot or Dutch Oven

I am counting down the days until my whole pot and pans collection is cast iron and more specifically Le Creuset. Not only do they look good but my goodness they cook well. I always make the best dishes in cast iron and make sure to use them for complex or slow cooking recipes like Beef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin or even Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Cast Iron holds heat incredibly well, cooking food evenly; this produces great results. Plus it doubles up as some impressive table-wear whether Le Creuset or not!

2. Cast Iron Pan or Skillet

A cast iron frying pan is another must have. If you love meat then this is where you want to be cooking that juicy ribeye steak or for searing some Spiced Lamb Chops.

Go for a well known brand like Lodge or splash out on a Staub or Le Creuset.

Cast iron lasts forever so if you look after it well it will be with you for life!

1. Blender

Top of my list is an all in one blender food processor! I love stews curries and soups and a good blender is essential for so many recipes. When it comes to making super delicious sauces better, best believe there is usually a blender involved in the process.

I have been using the Ninja Foodi all in 1 blender for the past 4 years at least and it has held up great. I highly recommend!

That wraps up this article on the must have kitchen essentials for every kitchen.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if i’ve missed anything off my list that you just cant live without!

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