The fact of the matter is Nigerian food is truly delicious. Here you will find exotic, complex and fragrant recipes full of flavour and spice! If you like spicy food you will be sure to find something you like here.

Nigerian egusi soup with white rive and fried plantain
10 April 2022

Nigerian Egusi Soup – Spicy & Unique

Nigerian Egusi Soup is arguably Nigeria’s most popular soup. A mouthwatering combination or dried melon seeds, peppers, onions,ground crayfish and of course chilli! The flavours in this soup are super unique and oh so flavourful!

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ingredients for egusi soup
06 April 2022

Nigerian Cuisine for Newbies

Nigerian Cuisine is seriously under rated. A big shame as its varied and delicious! Nigerian food can be summed up in 3 words! Spicy, unique and flavourful!

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nigerian red stew with chicken and beef
04 April 2022

Super Spicy Nigerian Stew with Fried Chicken and Beef

Learn how to make the best Nigerian Stew from scratch! This Nigerian staple will become your new favourite dish if you love spicy food! Spicy, meaty and full of you guessed it flavour!

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baked mackerel
20 August 2021

Spicy Baked Mackerel – Sheet Pan Dinners

This super easy Baked Mackerel one sheet recipe is quick, easy and delicious. If you like mackerel you will love this recipe. The recipe calls for very few ingredients you probably have in the fridge already. The fish is moist, flaky and perfectly seasoned with a tomato and pepper marinade. This is a perfect lazy dinner recipe that takes no time at all.

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fried rice in plate and wok
07 May 2021

Party Favourite – Nigerian Fried Rice

This Nigerian Fried Rice is a super tasty rice dish that you will fall in love with. It is spicy, fragrant and full of yummy ingredients. The recipe is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. This is the perfect one pot rice dish to serve at your next party. Cook ahead of time and impress your guests with this fragrant and tasty dish!

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jollof rice
08 March 2021

The Best Nigerian Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a hugely popular West African dish cooked in a tomato stew made of tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, scotch bonnet and herbs + spices. This one pot rice dish is a rice lovers best friend. It is spicy, smokey and savoury and truly the Best Nigerian Jollof Rice!

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fried plantain
08 March 2021

Sweet Fried Plantain

Fried Dodo is what Nigerian’s call Fried Plantain. A much loved side dish for Nigerian’s, you will find it accompanying many of my dishes. Sweet and savoury, deep fried, caramelised on the outside and soft on the inside! Plantain can be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner it pairs well with egg, bread, rice, meat and fish!

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